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Mediation is a confidential, cost-effective option in any type of case, including the following:

We are trained mediators who are available to help you resolve disputes without the expense, risk and uncertainty of going to Court. Mediation is a private forum that is very different from the public courtroom.

The mediator is a neutral person who does not work as the lawyer for either party in a dispute. The role of the mediator is to help facilitate the parties reaching their own agreement through negotiation and compromise. The process is empowering because it encourages self-determination. If the mediation is successful, the parties will come away with a typed, signed agreement that can be used to conclude or avoid litigation. Click here to print sample mediation letter.

Mediation may be used at any point in time: before a lawsuit is filed, as an alternative to trial, or even when a case is on appeal. The parties may be represented by lawyers or may choose mediation as an alternative to hiring counsel. Because the goal of mediation is to reach a resolution that is acceptable to both parties and is personalized to meet those parties’ particular needs, it is often used in divorce and family cases. However, it is also helpful in employment disputes, personal injury cases, and will contests, to name a few.