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Marianne Chevalier

Completing my serve.

Law is my second career. My first was in social services. In that work, I was able to serve my client families only to a certain point. More often than not, my families ultimately encountered legal issues. It was very frustrating and worrisome to me to turn my families over to someone else, and trust another person to give them the attention and concern that I felt they needed. It was out of this frustration and concern that I decided to become an attorney. I am now able to work with families from the beginning of a crisis in their lives, and see them through to the end. I feel so very privileged that I am finally able to complete my serve.

Marianne Schaefer Chevalier earned her law degree in May, 2003 and is admitted to practice in state and federal courts in Kentucky. Her practice areas include education law, family law, and juvenile law. She is also a trained mediator.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Marianne studied psychology and worked in community mental health, private social services and the public school system as an intervention specialist and school district administrator. Marianne attended Chase College of Law evening program while working full time for the school system, and raising five children.

After graduating, Marianne received a two-year fellowship to work in collaboration with Chase College of Law and the Children’s Law Center providing educational advocacy for homeless and immigrant students. During this fellowship, Marianne conducted trainings to community agencies, school district personnel, parents and other attorneys on the educational rights of homeless and immigrant children.

After completing her fellowship, Marianne was offered a position with the Children’s Law Center as an education attorney. In addition to her representation of children with special needs, Marianne co-authored sections of the publication, Protecting the Federal Education Rights of Children: A Practitioners Guide. Marianne has conducted trainings and currently offers consultations to other attorneys on the rights of children with special needs.

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