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Karen Ginn

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My personal philosophy is easy to apply as an attorney since the law is constantly changing through legislation and interpretation. Law became a logical career change for me when I decided to augment my education. Practicing law is the confluence of twenty years of business communication experience, my drive to advocate for justice, and my interest and regard for our nation's unique legal system.

Karen Hoskins Ginn earned her juris doctor from Chase College of Law after working in marketing, public relations consulting and freelance writing. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Kentucky began a foundation of skills now useful to her clients in research, litigation and settlement negotiations.

Karen is the author of Taming the Electronic Babysitter: A Guide to Children’s Videos for Parents and Caregivers and producer of Listening In: A Parent’s Guide to Talking with Children about Sexuality.

Karen's practice areas include criminal, probate, family, special education law, and general civil litigation. She is a specially-trained member of the Northern Kentucky Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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